Creepy Crawly Carnival

Monday, November 1, 2010 by admin

These cupcakes were created for the CV Starr Center’s Creepy Crawly Carnival.

After researching for inspiration, these are the designs I came up with. I chose 5 designs and made 10 cupcakes of each creating a total of 50 cupcakes. Once I got to the event, I realized that I should have created much more. Unfortunately I am only one person so I am not even sure that would have been possible.

These cupcakes were made of two different types. Butter cake & chocolate cake. I also created two types of frosting, a cinnamon sugar cream cheese frosting (as seen on the “brains” cupcakes), and a chocolate peppermint frosting (as seen on the spider web cupcakes). Also accompanying the frosting was my own marshmallow fondant used to decorate (as seen on the “ghost” cupcakes). All cakes, frosting¬† and fondant were made from scratch. Many additional decorations were hand piped with a handmade royal icing.

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