Rock ‘n Roll

Sunday, October 24, 2010 by admin

This cake was made for my niece Saphia's 5th birthday celebration. This cake is reflective of her personal style

This cake was a delicious moist chocolate cake from scratch. Underlying frosting was a handmade royal icing, which was also used to pipe the guitar strings, boarder & name.

Top decorations are made out of my own marshmallow fondant. Skull was hand sculpted and I also applied some adorable gold star sprinkles for additional glam.

Are You Read for Some Football?

Sunday, October 24, 2010 by admin

This cake was made for my cousin Jen. Her birthday was a bittersweet occasion due to some recent family losses. I wanted to give her my love and support by creating a cake I knew she would love and being a football fan & hard working football mom, I knew this was it!

This cake was delicious strawberry with a lovely cream cheese frosting I made from scratch. Fondant was made from my usual marshmallow fondant recipe. I added some texture to the football itself to give it a more real look and feel. Borders and football details were hand piped in the cream cheese & a chocolate frosting.

This cake was made in loving memory of my dear aunt Janice Tuomala. I feel blessed to be able to walk in her footsteps with my cake creating skills.