High School Musical

Thursday, July 1, 2010 by admin

This year, for Ashley’s 6th birthday, she begged and pleaded for me to let her have a high school musical party.

After making the cupcakes with the gum paste wings, I decided to go ahead and try using fondant. Again, I bought the fondant already made by Wilton cake collection. I dyed it red and found that it actually was not that difficult to work with. I would say the hardest part of fondant is how much kneading it requires.

I made 3 adorable starts attached to 3 thin wooden dowels and purchased 3 star candles. I cut out the letters to spell “High School Musical” and decorated with edible sparkles & piping. I then added two small pictures of the lead characters to finish it off. I was amazed at how wonderful it turned out. Fondant was a success!

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