Happy Halloween, Happy Birthday!

Monday, November 1, 2010 by admin

A dear friend of mind has a Halloween birthday!

I made this cake as a birthday gift for a dear friend of mine, Pat. I know other people who have birthdays near or on holidays and I know how it can often feel as though the importance of your birthday falls behind the holiday. I wanted her to see how important she was and do something special for her just for her birthday. She told me she would LOVE a Halloween birthday cake!

This cake was made out of my favorite chocolate cake recipe. I also used my new peppermint chocolate icing. This cake technically has 3 1/2 layers, with the half layer being a smaller sized cake. I then shaved down the sides of the larger cake layers to give it a rounder look. After sculpting the cake, I then frosted it and decorated it with my marshmallow fondant. I then created a marshmallow fondant witch hat with a cute little bone on it. I created a milk chocolate “trick-or-treat” basket and filled it with mini m&ms.

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