Mickey Mouse

Thursday, July 1, 2010 by admin

This cake was for my son Evan's 2nd birthday.

He really loved Mickey Mouse and so I decided to give it my best shot creating a cake of Mickey Mouse's face. This cake was a bit of a challenge. It is made of some buttercream frosting and some fondant. The only fondant I used was to create the head/ears and I hand piped the facial features.

I find it particularly difficult to add dimension to a character's face. I had this same issue when creating the Tweety Bird cake. The ears were purely for decoration made entirely of fondant. I suppose you could eat them, but you'd probably make yourself sick.

Pixie Fairy Cupcakes

Thursday, July 1, 2010 by admin

This year for Cadie's birthday she asked for a Tinkerbelle birthday party.

I knew right away what I thought would be cute. Cupcakes with little green pixie wings on them. This was my first time using any kind of gum paste or fondant. I got the store bought gum paste from the Wilton cake collection.

I colored it a beautiful green, cut out the shapes and hand piped green decoration on them. I then sprinkled edible purple glitter on them. I was pleased at how beautiful they turned out!

Tweety Bird

Sunday, June 27, 2010 by admin

This cake was for my daughter Cadie's 4th birthday.v Her big beautiful eyes reminded me of this cute little bird (although her eyes are brown), and she loved the idea for her birthday.

This cake was also sculpted by hand. All it's decorations were hand piped as well.

Honestly, this is not my best cake if you ask me. I was happy is turned out as well as it did, but it was a challenge.

Creating a face like tweety's was difficult. Of course, I realize I am far more critical of my work than others might be, but none the less, I managed to create the cake in time & she was very happy.

Elmo & Care Bears

Tuesday, June 22, 2010 by admin

I created two different ideas for Ashley's 2nd birthday. She was first and foremost obsessed with Elmo. She loved watching Elmo's World on Sesame Street and slept with her special Elmo doll every night. So for her preschool celebration at Glass Beach Preschool, I created a dozen Elmo cupcakes. These cupcakes were box chocolate cake, buttercream frosting, chocolate candy, and liquorish for eyes, nose and mouth.
For her official birthday party, we opted for Care Bears, which was Ashley's second favorite "special stuffy" as she calls them. This cake is made of two 9" cakes (for face and body), and 6 cupcakes for the ears, hands and feet. This cake was a standard yellow cake, frosting was buttercream with hand piped decorations on face & tummy.