Finding Nemo

Sunday, September 19, 2010 by admin

This year for my son Evan's 3rd birthday we decided on a "Finding Nemo" theme. We had a joint birthday party for him and his cousin Susie who was also turning 3.

This cake was quite an accomplishment! This time around I did EVERYTHING from scratch! I baked my first yellow cake from scratch. I would like to add that I found bake much better for decorating. The cakes came out nice and even without any extra effort on my part! I also created my own decorating frosting. I made a lovely white vanilla frosting. I found this frosting a bit harder to work with as it is not as silky as it's store bought counterpart. On the plus side the frosting was extremely fluffy and delicious! The cakes themselves were much less sweet than store bought cake but created a nice harmonious balance with the super sweet frosting once decorated.

All decorative accents were created with my own handmade marshmallow fondant. I even created the "Nemo" fish on top (and on the cupcakes) by hand and piped the eyes and stripes. I created two small fish for two of the cupcakes for the guests of honor. I also added brown sugar to create a sandy feel to the bottom of the cake and as a spot for nemo to sit. All in all I have to say that this is quite possibly my best cake thus far.

High School Musical

Thursday, July 1, 2010 by admin

This year, for Ashley's 6th birthday, she begged and pleaded for me to let her have a high school musical party.

After making the cupcakes with the gum paste wings, I decided to go ahead and try using fondant. Again, I bought the fondant already made by Wilton cake collection. I dyed it red and found that it actually was not that difficult to work with. I would say the hardest part of fondant is how much kneading it requires.

I made 3 adorable starts attached to 3 thin wooden dowels and purchased 3 star candles. I cut out the letters to spell "High School Musical" and decorated with edible sparkles & piping. I then added two small pictures of the lead characters to finish it off. I was amazed at how wonderful it turned out. Fondant was a success!

Wizard of Oz

Sunday, June 27, 2010 by admin

This cake was created for my daughter Ashley's 4th birthday.

She has been in love with the Wizard of Oz since she was about 2 years old.

This year she insisted on a Wizard of Oz party and I racked my brain on how to create a cake to fit the theme. I figured of all the elements of the movie, the ruby slippers would be not only the cutest, but best thing to make.

I started with two loaf pans, hand sculpted the shoes from that then decorated with the buttercream & chocolate frosting.

I created bows out of sour candy strips and sprinkled the cake with the red glitter sprinkles. It was by far the hardest cake I had mad at this point, but definitely a huge success when I saw my little girls face when she first looked at it!